Save Delta Fish

Welcome to SaveDeltaFish!  This site enlisted over a thousand individuals to express firm, peaceful opposition to a proposed law that sought to completely eradicate Striped Bass from California Waters.  The founders of SDF are elated that AB 1253 has been essentially defeated.  A coalition of fishing groups including CSPA, CSBA, the Fish Sniffer, Coastside Fishing Club, the Federation of Fly Fishers, Golden Gate Fisherman’s Association, and the Pacific Coast Federation of Fisherman’s Association (the commercial salmon fleet), among others like Restore the rallied together in support of Striped Bass.   SaveDeltaFish is pleased to have played a role in this effort!  Thanks to all of you we prevailed.  See “A Job Well Doneon the SDF Blog Page

14 Responses to “Save Delta Fish”

  1. William Elbring Says:

    I think we have taken enough risks with our environment, eh? Limit the water withdrawal to sustainable levels.

  2. Dorian Taylor Says:

    DOWN with water robber-barons!

  3. Elizabeth J Reuter Says:

    I oppose AB 1253. I have fished in the Delta for 30 years and want to save the Delta Fisheries.

  4. Evolution Angling Adventures Says:

    They are going to pay these people to protest for the day. They are going to bus them in.


    An announcement regarding this issue was made last night at the conclusion of the film “Rivers of a lost coast.” We are doing everything we can to bring this issue to light Robert.

  5. Dan McKenzie Says:

    If enough voices get behind this we might be able to get people to listen. To attribute the decline of any Delta species to anything other than water quantity and quality is outright absurd. Keep up the effort and hopefully, just maybe people will see this for what it really is, a grab for more water and nothing for the fish.

  6. Patrick Pickerell Says:

    Thanks for your dedication to this important fight. It ain’t over yet. They will dress up this pig and trot her out again soon. Gates in Franks!

    • savedeltafish Says:

      We are going on the offensive, my brother Patrick. Care to throw a line tomorrow am?

  7. Grizzly Bear Dancer Says:

    The fish love you!

  8. Captain:Gary Moscato,Sr. Says:

    The boogy man in most cases,Of what were fighting,here in san francisco bay and the delta.In most cases,comes from the developers in california.If by any chance we could eradicate them!!Most of what we are fighting would go away.There like the boogy man,There lobbing,Like a rattler,Ready to strike at any time.Build 3000 homes with no thought of who’s gonna,supply the water to them.I now know,NOW how ISHI felt when he saw those steel rails going through his back yard..As a CSBA member we have bin fighting,thes’s people fore 30 years..

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